You're here because you understand that obtaining travel medical insurance is absolutely essential. We're here because we understand that too. You've made the right decision choosing Protocol®.
The primary reasons for choosing travel medical insurance before you travel abroad are obvious; you need to protect your good health and financial well-being. While not all illnesses or injuries are catastrophic in nature, they can be. But not all travel plans are created equally, so here are some important things to conisder.
Be sure to choose the provider who guarantees access to the best available medical facilities in the world should a situation arise where you need help.
Be sure to choose the provider who does not require you to arrange or pay for expensive medical treatment on your own without expert guidance and assistance.
Be sure to choose the provider who cares about you and communicates with you by name, not some number, and promises to act in your best interest.
Be sure to choose Protocol® for all of your travel insurance needs.

Worldwide Travel
While On Business

A leading provider of Business Travel Insurance, we offer superior terms of coverage at affordable rates. Take a look and we’ll prove it.

Provincial Health
Residing In Canada

While residing in Canada, you nead to have government health plan or comparable coverage.

I'm On Vacation™

Emergency Medical Insurance for Canadians travelling abroad and visitors to Canada

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